Buses Ukraine-Germany-Ukraine

Open unknown horizons: buses Ukraine - Germany - Ukraine from Busikom Every person who prefers to travel by bus to Germany dreams of the whole process being as comfortable as possible and with the status of "all things considered"

Transportation Ukraine-Germany

About trips from Ukraine to Germany

  • Free ticket booking.
    Comfortable seats and climate control in the cabin.
    Availability of fast wireless Internet.
    Chargers for gadgets.
    Possibility to travel with a pet.Busikom carrier has all these conditions. Thanks to its drivers, you can get to all cities in Germany.Transportation from Ukraine to Germany is carried out from Kyiv, Zhytomyr, Rivne, Lutsk and beyond. Trips are easy to plan, because Busikom has scheduled them hourly and by location. In addition, the entire path can be additionally seen on the accompanying map. An example is flights from the capital to Berlin.

    Busikom’s business card is a fleet of spacious foreign cars. The route from Ukraine to Germany is operated by “Mercedes Sprinter Lux” and “Volkswagen Crafter Lux”:

    “Mercedes” has seats with adjustments and seat belts, a folding sofa, built-in chargers, autonomous heating and separate interior climate control, stereo system, TV, Internet.
    “Volkswagen” has seats with a variable angle of inclination and seat belts, a sofa, a heater and climate control of the cabin, built-in chargers and a stereo system.

    A bus from Ukraine to Germany is a chance to visit the Mecca of 1,500 types of sausages, legendary breweries, and incredible architecture. And for rock fans, see the homeland of the legendary Rammstein.

    Before buying a ticket, you should book it. Follow these steps:

    Visit the official Busikom website.
    Find the appropriate form.
    Fill in information about name, phone, direction, desired number of seats and date.
    Payment for travel is possible by transfer to a card or in cash upon boarding before departure.

    Busikom transportation will provide not only comfort, but also views from the window that you could never see. Bonus – a second small family during the trip.

Transportation Ukraine-Germany