Frequently asked questions

Booking rules
Reservation of 1-3 places is carried out without advance payments. For 3-4 seats, a prepayment of 20% of the fare is sometimes required. You can pay to the details of the FOP. When canceling a pre-paid reservation, the refund is made if it was canceled no later than 24 hours before departure. In case of payment of more than 20% of the cost, a partial refund is possible
Rules for transportation of animals
It is allowed to transport animals in our transport only in case of prior agreement with the dispatcher. Small animals up to +-5 kg can travel in carrier bags in the hands of the owner, free of charge; Larger animals can ride on the floor next to the passenger's seat, with the use of hygienic means (sheet, diaper); The amount of the surcharge is agreed with the dispatcher; In carrying boxes with a one-piece waterproof bottom; Transportation of animals on the seats next to you "just like that" is prohibited;
What means of transport are carried out
Minivans and buses from 8 to 18 seats. Tourist buses with 40-60 seats operate on some routes. You can familiarize yourself with the vehicle fleet in the corresponding section.
How to pay the fare
To the card by regular transfer or cash upon boarding.
What is prohibited for the passenger to carry
Cigarettes more than 2 packs. Alcohol more than 2 bottles. Meat and dairy products without proper packaging. Weapons, explosive liquids (fuel). Precious metals and breeds without permits. The full list is on the website of the Customs Service of Ukraine and the website of the Polish Customs Service