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Opening borders: bus trips from Ukraine to Lithuania for unforgettable adventures with Busikom

Transportation Ukraine-Lithuania

About trips from Ukraine to Lithuania

When visiting a new country, tourists often ask themselves the question: “What should I see first?”. In the case of Lithuania, everything is simple. It is rich in a very large number of unique places. Among them, in particular:

Old center of Vilnius. It is considered the start of all journeys. The special atmosphere of past centuries and the accumulation of architectural monuments can be felt here.
Trakai Castle. Or else – Trakai. This is a Gothic architectural ensemble, which is located in the middle of a pond.
Amber Museum in Palanga. The history of the “sun stone” is juicyly told here.
Mountain of crosses. It contains more than 50,000 Christian elements of various heights.
Witch mountain. Or the Curonian Spit. At first glance, this is a very beautiful dune. But in fact, there is a surprisingly mystical atmosphere here due to a number of legends.

You can see these and other unique places thanks to Busikom. You need to book a ticket and wait for feedback. Buses Ukraine – Lithuania are direct and daily. All settlements that will be driven by Volkswagen Crafter Lux are marked on the map with an hour reference.

Enjoy triple. After all, during the trip you will see the beauty not only of your native Ukraine, but also feel what a European bus is like. It has charging, internet, climate control, adjustable seats and a sofa. All this, together with the intrigues of Lithuania, is worth leaving your daily affairs.

Transportation Ukraine-Lithuania