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On the Busikom bus from Ukraine to Turkey: discover new facets of travel

Transportation Ukraine-Turkey

About trips from Ukraine to Turkey

Going to Turkey solely for tanning and swimming in clear water is quite banal! A luxury vacation option is a combination of beautiful. Break out of the hotel and look at:

Saint Sophia Cathedral, which eloquently demonstrates the style of the Byzantine Empire.
The Blue Mosque, which steals the hearts of everyone who sees it, thanks to its majestic appearance.
Basilica Cistern. This is an underground reservoir that can hypnotize and protect from the scorching sun.
Grand Bazaar, where fans of shopping will feel like they are in paradise.
Cappadocia. A historical area without clear political boundaries. Yes, this is where they take the same photos with balloons.
Pamukkale With its geothermal springs and water of different temperatures.

The list is far from complete. For experienced guides, it includes more than 30 points. The Busikom carrier is pleased to invite those who wish to take a bus from Ukraine to Turkey. Flights from our country to the destination can be both general and individual. The fleet has vehicles with 8, 18 and 50 seats. The main thing is to reserve the desired date in a special form and agree on the nuances during feedback. All cars from the factory, with adjustable internal climate, clean and comfortable seats and sofa, with soft suspension and seat belts.

After traveling to Turkey once by bus, you will return to Busikom to discover other countries!

Transportation Ukraine-Turkey