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About trips from Ukraine to Latvia

Latvia is probably the second country after Great Britain that can boast of a considerable number of houses of nobles. Therefore, this is a very good reason to discover the heart of the Baltic States.

Just listen:

The Rundal palace is a museum. The complex stretched over more than 60 hectares. There are as many as 138 rooms on two floors. This beauty was created by the famous architect Rastrelli.
Turaida castle. A sample of construction of the 13th century. In the Middle Ages, it housed a bishop, the Livonian Order and a Swedish military garrison.
Mytava Palace. Another Rastrelli creation. The largest monument in the Baroque style.
Dinaburg castle. A vivid example of fortification art. Especially in the context of the fact that constant battles were fought for him in the past.

Separately, one cannot fail to mention Jurmala. The Botanical Garden, the Daugavpils Fortress, the Waterfall on the Vente River and several dozen locations must also be included in the Latvian list of visits. Instead of long conversations, it is better to see everything in reality!

For this you should:

Decide with the company.
Choose a date.
Book bus tickets from Ukraine to Latvia at Busikom.
Pay the announced price on the card or upon boarding.

Just four simple points – and you are in Latvia!

Transportation Ukraine-Latvia