Parcels from Ukraine to Poland

Please read the information on this page, most of the questions are answered here.

We accept parcels for shipment from Ukraine to Poland, as well as from Poland to Ukraine. Our small team carries out the transportation of incidental small cargo and gear from Warsaw to Kyiv and other cities of Ukraine. We deliver bags, personal items, documents, etc. But only within the limits allowed by law. We offer reasonable prices and terms.

The transportation of parcels from Ukraine to Poland and back is an urgent request not only recently, but for several decades. Because many Ukrainians go to work or to visit, and this delivery option is more convenient than traditional transport companies. It is explained simply: not everyone has a car in Poland to send or pick up a parcel. And the carrier offers the option of picking up or taking the parcel home, especially with us there will be no language barrier problem. All details and questions can be discussed by phone or via the convenient messenger Telegram, Viber, WhatsApp. If necessary, you can send the dimensions or photos of the package, the meeting location, etc.

Make the most accurate and essential request: what, from where and where to deliver, and the specialist will calculate the cost and terms.

Parcels from Ukraine to Poland

Delivery terms to Warsaw

And to other cities
Departures are daily, so all cargoes go as fast as possible. However, we reserve 12-24 hours in case of force majeure or unforeseen situations (The driver fell ill, We got stuck at the border, The car broke down, etc.). Please don't make illusory plans, we issue all parcels immediately whenever possible.

Kyiv: you can bring it to the address (M. Zhytomyrska district) or to the “New Post Office” branch;

Zhytomyr: BRSM gas station near the bus station;

Rivne: OKKO gas station on the way out of the city in the direction of Lutsk;

Lutsk: gas station WOG or BRSM in the city;

Other cities of Ukraine: to the “new post” branch;

Warsaw: “Zachodnia” railway station or delivery for an additional fee;

Lublin: By agreement;

Other cities in Poland: delivery by carriers for an additional fee;

Any minimum parcel: UAH 400

Documents: UAH 400-600. From 10 originals 600-1000 UAH;

Personal belongings (bags, packages): UAH 70/kg;

Personal items (BOXES): more expensive by UAH 100-300;

Tires, wheels: 15-17″ UAH 600-800/piece; 18-20″ UAH 900-1100/piece; 21-23″ 1200-1500 UAH/ piece;

Medicines: As agreed;

Commercial cargo: By agreement;

Parcels Europe-Ukraine

From Poland and other EU countries

Parcels from EU countries are collected at addresses from the furthest city by the shortest route. Time and place are agreed individually with each client. The terms may vary depending on the country. Delivery of parcels in Kyiv and other cities is possible directly at the car, or at the branch of the new post office. There are quantity/weight restrictions for some product categories. Receipts from the store are required for newly purchased goods.