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By bus from Ukraine to Moldova: discover centuries-old history and picturesque landscapes of two neighboring countries

Transportation Ukraine-Moldova

About trips from Ukraine to Moldova

Although Moldova has a small area and population, it can boast of a rich history and culture. The charms of the country are unique in their own sense, each one deserves attention. Here are the TOP reasons (places) why you should go here:

Chisinau Botanical Garden. The pride of the locals, which is divided into arboretums, shrubs, a floriculture area, plants of tropical and subtropical origin, and the hybridization sector.
Tsipova Monastery. This is a citadel carved into the thickness of a large green rock.
Sorok fortress. A unique example of defensive architecture of the 15th century. It was built to protect against the Tatar invasion.
Krykovo Winery. Its highlight is the production of sparkling wine using the classic champagne technology.
Old Orhei. It is notable for its high limestone hills, which have powerful energy.

Trips to this country you have not yet explored are made by Busikom. Ukraine – Moldova flights are direct and last only 15 hours. An important attribute is the route planned hourly and on the map. All this time, you will contemplate the gorgeous views outside the window, in soft chairs with chargers for gadgets. Climate control in the cabin will add special relaxation. Payment for transportation is possible in the form of a transfer to a card or immediately before shipment.

Transportation Ukraine-Moldova